What Is Hair Extensions?

Our human hair extensions are a high quality product, trusted by our wholesale profesionals that want to find the greatest hair products for their customers and enable them to shine at all times. There are many different types of hair extensions, including tape-in hair, clip-in hair, U-tip, I-tip, V-tip, ponytails, micro rings, nano rings and halo, etc.
Tape-in hair extensions are the most effective and seamless method of semi-permanent hair extensions consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab that is attached to the hair. The adhesive used on tape extensions is a gentle medical glue the same as what is used in plasters and other medical forms. KFhair uses only good tapes that are safe for health so you can use these tape-in hair extensions from 4 to 6 months.

The sticky part of the tape is covered by a paper tab that is easily peeled away when you are ready to use them, the sticky tab can be removed and re-taped with each use making this method not only super quick and easy but cost-effective too. Tape extensions come in all different lengths and colors, they also able to be cut to create smaller pieces for a subtle highlight affected. From the developed techniques applied to these products, KFhair will bring customers the best experience.
Clip-in hair extensions, also known as clip-in weaves, is an attachment method where wefts of hair can be easily installed into your natural hair by multiple small pressure-sensitive clips. One set of clip-in hair extensions consists of a variety of wefts of hair with one, two, three, or four clips each, in various sizes.

KFhair clip-in extensions are ready-to-wear extensions that can instantly change the way you look. Our hair extensions can lengthen, thicken, or add volume to your hair, whether it is short or long. Our clip-ins may be heat styled, cleaned, and treated because they are made from 100% actual human hair, which is the highest quality available. If your wanting to add volume and length but don’t want the added commitment to semi-permanent extensions, then the Clip In Hair Extensions method is perfect for you!
Seamless clip-in hair extensions are the most recent innovation of clip-ins. Rather than a traditional stitched seam, the hair is held together with a thin silicone strip that lays flat on the head. These clips are then directly sewn on the weft. The hair weft of one-piece PU seamless clip-in hair extensions is 50% thinner than that of lace weft clip-in hair extensions. This is the perfect plan to cover thin or thick hair.

The flat design of these seamless extensions makes the weft easy to cover with the customer's own hair. Our seamless hair extensions are very comfortable, and may not even feel the weft being clamped. They are made of beautiful 100% Remy human hair, and you can choose various lengths and colors to catch your market.
Flat tip hair expresses the hair extensions in which the tip of the hair is made in a flat shape. A flat-tip hair bundle consists of many small hairpieces. To make the best flat-tip hair extensions, we use only high-quality hair of Vietnamese women. This hair is not only smooth, soft, but also strong enough to color and style. We guarantee to use only Italian keratin to protect your health. Also, you do not have to worry about troubles such as hair tangles, hair shedding, bugs or insects, because the hair we utilize is virgin hair. Our flat-tip hair extensions will surely help you have a stunning look.
I-tip hair extensions are hair bundles with the hair tips bonded with keratin in I shape. A new hairstyle can make you feel fresh and energetic. We use premium quality keratin which is gentle on your hair and also provides a good hard bond.. It is safe for your health.

It's installed by hot fusion and is durable. Thanks to the brilliant structure, this product looks perfectly natural applied to your hair. We only use high quality Vietnamese human hair, which is soft, smooth and strong. The varied textures of I-tip hair extensions make you look stunning. Our I-tip hair extensions are sure to brighten up your look.
U tip hair extensions are becoming more and more popular in the international hair market. The hair is produced in U shape, in which the tip is made of keratin. High quality of keratin in these hair extensions helps to ensure that we are providing hair with the best quality. To install a U tip hair extension, we need to melt the keratin with a specialized tool. This hair is glossy, soft, smooth, and strong enough to bleach, color, or even style. We checked every single product with caution to make sure there is no risk of bugs or insects. With various U-tip hair extensions we provide, you can always have a fashionable and gorgeous hairstyle.
V tip hair is one of the most beautiful hairstyles in Kfhair. It is tip hair made in V shape. This clever structure makes V tip hair extensions look perfectly natural when we apply them to our hair. Like other methods such as U tip, I tip and flat tip. V tip hair gets much of the customer’s attention thanks to its high quality of keratin. To install this product, we have to melt the keratin. Here we use only keratin made in Italy which is completely safe for your health. Kfhair provides a lot of V-tip hair extensions with different textures, colors, and lengths.
Our real human hair ponytail extension has arrived due to popular demand. It comes with a velcro base, which adheres together to secure the ponytail. Also, it has a long strand of hair that is used to wrap around the base with 2 matching bobby pins (which are included) to ensure a seamless blend.
Ponytail Hair Extensions are used to help create that voluminous and longer ponytail in an instant! No need to wait for days, weeks or even months to grow that hair and achieve that high ponytail look. Ponytail extensions can help you bring that hair fantasy easily.
The Halo hair extension is the newest type of hair extension that does not attach to your own hair. Instead, it utilizes the natural contours of your head to provide a comfortable fit like a crown with a concealed wire. The halo will be firmly held in place by your own natural hair, which will rest on top of it. This contrasts with the majority of other hair extension varieties that somehow adhere to your natural hair.
Nano Tip Hair Extensions are small wefts of pre-bonded hair that are linked to the client’s natural hair with Nano Rings that are 90% smaller than most micro rings, resulting in a smooth bond. The natural hair is simply threaded through a nanoring at the tip of the nano extension before being clamped into place with nano tip hair extensions, which do not require any heat in their attachment. This application procedure decreases the danger of natural hair breakage, making it a popular extension option. Nano tip hair extensions are thin and lightweight, putting no strain on the natural hairline and making them an excellent choice for thin or fine hair.
Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the smallest and most undetectable glue-free hair extension technique among all Kfhair products, combining natural hairs with extensions using small metal tubes. This is a glue-free, mess-free, relatively quick application procedure and most importantly is very safe and does not damage your natural hair.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions is sure to impress and give you a unique look. 50 pieces each weighing 1g are part of our micro ring hair extensions collection, designed to cover your entire head and give you the right accent.

Micro Ring is the perfect product for professional and long-lasting hair extensions. They guarantee a long wear time, hold firmly and are very comfortable to wear.

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